The father’s law (La ley del padre)

Even if they willing to kill, they will always be proper people.

The Gómez-Arjona’s are the owners of Grupo9, one of the most important media conglomerates in Spain. When Arturo -a family man, and the president of Grupo9­- suffers a poisoning attack, there is a huge revolt to try to find out who is behind this attack. His kids can’t help but wonder who would have inherited the company, had their father died.

This worry adds to the distress that Arturo is suffering ever since a big multinational company began to show interest in buying his business.

There is a reason to believe that each one of his children may be behind the food poisoning attack. Alonso is the oldest brother and therefore, he is bound to inherit the company.  He became tetraplegic after being in a brutal car accident 20 years ago, and, since then, he is anxious for his father’s power. The fact that Arturo is trying to sell the business to a multinational company puts him in a very difficult position.

Mencía is Arturo’s second daughter. Behind her image of a snobbish and superficial woman, concerned about the number of followers she has on social networks and never missing a high society event, she hides her ambition to be the one chosen as her father’s successor at the head of Grupo 9.

Roberto, also known as “Bobby”, is third in the line of succession. The fact that he is homosexual has always been a problem for his father. However, with time, he has developed a whole strategy against his siblings to be “the chosen one”.

Sonia is the younger sister and, although many years have passed since her mother Adelaida was murdered, she has only just returned to Madrid to reopen the investigation of the murder, something that Arturo wants to stop at all costs. Sonia has her grandfather Don Ernesto on her side. She also has Josan Caramuel, Adelaida’s secret lover, on her side. The two will end up having an affair.

The suspects are being surveilled by a paparazzi who is willing to sell his soul to the devil in exchange of a good sum of money.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Father’s Law (La ley del padre) transports us to the elite of the capital city of Spain, where we will delve into the lives of a series of mean and ruthless characters. This is the story of a family which is rooted in tradition and resentment. This excellent thriller, filled with acid humor, shows us the dark side of luxury and power.

This story has elements that remind us of other television hits such as Succession or Knives Out, as it is filled with suspense and mystery, and has very well-developed characters.


What the critics have said about the author:

“A modern classic.” Sergio Vera, director of the International Noir Festival ‘Las Casas Ahorcadas’

“A great pace and dialogue that hits you right in the face.” Manuel Marlasca, journalist

“Captivating.” La Sexta

“Carlos Augusto Casas has that unique and hard-to-find magic that only great writers possess.” Claudio Cerdán, writer

“Carlos Augusto Casas is once again at the top of the noir genre doing what he does best: writing about what no one dares to say.” Daniel Fopiani, writer

“Survival, fear, and redemption. Carlos Augusto Casas is totally worth reading.” Carlos Zanón

“Carlos has a rifle full of words in this text. The best part? No one shoots better than him.” Blas Ruiz Grau, writer


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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