The fighters (Las luchadoras) – Original project

 Together, they’ll make justice, whatever it takes.

Daniel Moreno, a young waiter from the Canary Islands, finishes his shift at a hotel in Fuerteventura and gets ready to go home.  However, before he can start his car, he’s brutally murdered.

The investigation points to Pedro Montelongo, the victim’s friend, and his girlfriend Jennifer Ruiz’s lover, as the main suspects. Initially, Montelongo is sentenced to 17 years in prison and ordered to pay a substantial compensation to Daniel’s family. However, a month later, he is released due to a mistake in the police investigation.

Eugenia Ibáñez, Daniel’s mother, demands justice. According to her, both Montelongo and Jennifer —who she’s sure was his accomplice— should be in jail. But no one’s willing to listen to her.

Eugenia, who’s drowning in her own pain, finds a shred of hope when she’s contacted by Lidia, mother of Yurena López Henriquez, a young girl who was murdered by a man who’s also roaming free.

They decide to work together to get justice, and gradually, many other women who have gone through the same tragedy join them, creating a group called “The Fighters”.

Hopeful their voices will be heard, The Fighters decide to do everything that’s in their hands to show the world their pain and, above all, change the penal code. To achieve that, they must be aggressive and find a way to grab the media’s attention, even if it means kidnapping, extorting, and faking more than one death. They are willing to do anything to seek justice.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Fighters is a project based on a true story: the murder of Daniel Moreno, and the subsequent quest for justice by the victim’s mother are real life events that deeply affected Spain.

The project’s creator, Marcos Osorio Vidal, is a screenwriter specialized in TV series who has a long trajectory in the medium. Several of the projects he’s worked on have been awarded, such as the show The Bronze Garden, which was nominated for an Emmy Award.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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