The Fire Dragon (El dragón de fuego)

This is the story of the imaginary oriental kingdom of Nirvan. The action starts when two foreigners arrive to the kingdom from the kingdom of Silandia, infiltrating themselves in the nirvanian court to obtain benefits and wealth. With the consent of nirvanians and Danisar, but with the opposition of the queen Dasarata and the people of the kingdom, nirvanians protest against the invaders, who then overthrow Danisar and install his brother Durani in the throne. But the queen Dasarata tears Durani’s eyes out and his brother Danisar is taken by the niarvanian people raged with vengeance.


RELEVANT FACTS: The land of Nirvan is a symbol of India. The story allegorically presents the “sipahi rebellion”, an armed uprising against the colonial British government that finally failed. Benavente, in the book, expresses empathy for the Indian people who wish to proclaim their independence.

Benavente won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1922. He treated all the theatrical genres and developed a broad gallery of human characters. Many of his plays have been taken to cinema with success and many versions for TV have been made. Benavente’s dialogues are excellent, full with irony. He has been compared to Oscar Wilde.




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