The Gate (La puerta)

Mysterious murders on the brink of the afterlife.

Raquel, an intelligent and strong-willed woman, has worked as an agent in the criminal investigation unit with the police for over 10 years. She is a well-known and respected professional, accustomed to being the head of large teams in complex situations. However, Raquel is on the verge of a mental breakdown. A painful divorce, her sick son and a kidnapping of hostages that ends tragically force her to request a transfer to Fosco, a small Galician town in northwestern Spain.

There, her only hope of helping her son Julian lies in the hands of a folk healer. Julian is six years old, diagnosed with leukemia, and was only given a couple of months to live. A folk healer is a difficult decision for such a rational woman, but it´s the only thing she has left to try.

She is granted her transfer request, but when Raquel and her son arrive in Fosco, they find out the healer was a fraud and does not actually exist. To make matters worse, once they reach the town, she is assigned to a rather difficult case. An unidentified girl’s cadaver was found in the mountains, and because of the way she was found, she seems to have been murdered on account of some sort of ritual: her heart was taken out and laid next to Porta do Alén, an ancient monument from the Bronze Ages.

Raquel clings on to this case, as she sees it as her only escape from this lost village. She begins the investigation alongside inspector Méndez, an old, retired agent and Juan Vilanova, her new partner. But the investigation does not go as planned: somebody is stealing the documents pertaining to the case; Méndez is found dead; Julián sees a terrifying presence whilst in class; the girls dead body disappears; and Raquel discovers in historical archives that the same habitants of this village appear in pictures and documents taken decades and centuries ago.

With the help of a historian, Raquel puts the pieces of an immense puzzle together. It seems that everything is linked to the “Doorway to the Great Beyond”, La Porta do Alén. Will Raquel be able to confront the inhabitants of the mysterious village and pay the price to save her son´s life?


RELEVANT DATA: Manel Loureiro is an international bestselling author with a historical total of 700,000 copies sold in more than 30 countries and translated into more than 15 languages.  

He is, along with Javier Sierra and Carlos Ruiz Zafón, one of the few contemporary Spanish authors to have achieved top sales in the United States, breaking the 200,000-copy barrier in the United States. He was also the first Spanish author to make the list of the top three best-selling books in the United States solely on the basis of pre-orders of his novel The Last Passenger (El ultimo pasajero). In 2014, he was the only non-English-speaking author to make it onto the list of the top 100 best-selling authors in the United States.   

His first novel, Apocalypse Z (Apocalípsis Z), stems from an internet blog that went viral with over 1.5 million readers, the novel published in print became a bestseller. His latest novel, The Gate (La Puerta) has consolidated him as a reference author on the international scene, as it sold 100,000 copies.     

He has 23k followers on Twitter.   

In television he has worked as a presenter on Galician Television and as a scriptwriter. He has a regular section in the program Cuarto Milenio on Cuatro channel.  In the media he collaborates with the newspapers Diario ABC, El Mundo, and Diario de Pontevedra, and is a regular contributor to Cadena SER and the magazine GQ España.   


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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