The Last Passenger (TV Series)

A hidden enigma. A boat full of mysteries from which you cannot escape. 

In August 1939, an old coal ship finds an abandoned translatlantic in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. In the stern there is a Nazi flag and the name of the ship: Valkirie.

The crew of the coal ship disembark on the Valkirie to investigate. It seems the ship was mysteriously abandoned half an hour before their arrival. However, there is still one last passenger on board: a newly born Jewish baby.

The crewmen decide to tow the transatlantic ship to the coast of Liverpool. However, their intentions to investigate cease, for the Second World War has been declared.

Eighty years have passed since the discovery of the Valkirie, and, despite the fact that the ship has remained moored in Liverpool, an investment fund led by a Jewish businessman named Isaac Feldman has bought it with the intention of restoring it and making it work again.

Kate Kilroy is a Spanish-Irish journalist living in Barcelona who is hired to write a story on the Valkirie and to investigate Feldman. The enterprise could just be a new way of making a fortune, but it also could be a money laundering operation.

However, the events take an unexpected turn when Kilroy sets foot on the ship, already restored and looking like it originally did in the 30s. In this first trip, which is an attempt to simulate the inauguration of the Valkirie, Kate will find out that an inexplicable phenomenon seems to have taken over the ship: impossible time travels that take the passengers to the 30s without any apparent reason.

What is happening on the ship? Who is Feldman and what does he want? Are they really time traveling? And most of all… who was the last passenger of the Valkirie, and what does he have to do with everything that is happening?


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Manel Loureiro is an international bestselling author with a historical total of 700,000 copies sold in more than 30 countries and translated into more than 15 languages.  

He is, along with Javier Sierra and Carlos Ruiz Zafón, one of the few contemporary Spanish authors to have achieved top sales in the United States, breaking the 200,000-copy barrier in the United States. He was also the first Spanish author to make the list of the top three best-selling books in the United States solely on the basis of pre-orders of his novel The Last Passenger (El ultimo pasajero). In 2014, he was the only non-English-speaking author to make it onto the list of the top 100 best-selling authors in the United States.   

His first novel, Apocalypse Z (Apocalípsis Z), stems from an internet blog that went viral with over 1.5 million readers, the novel published in print became a bestseller. His latest novel, The Gate (La Puerta) has consolidated him as a reference author on the international scene, as it sold 100,000 copies.     

He has 23k followers on Twitter.   

In television he has worked as a presenter on Galician Television and as a scriptwriter. He has a regular section in the program Cuarto Milenio on Cuatro channel.  In the media he collaborates with the newspapers Diario ABC, El Mundo, and Diario de Pontevedra, and is a regular contributor to Cadena SER and the magazine GQ España.   


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for TV Series format.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Polish.