The Loan (TV Movie)

Loan me 3000 euros, or I’ll sleep with your wife.

In our civilized world, when you need money you go to the bank and ask for a loan. If they don’t grant it to you, you turn around and go back home, sad, thinking things are bad… or not. Maybe not today.

Antonio tries, in an honest way, to get a bank branch to grant him a small loan that is absolutely necessary for him. He does not have any bank guarantees or properties, but only his word. The situation turns ugly when the immovable refusal of the director of the branch clashes with Antonio’s persistence.

Since he cannot threaten him with anything violent or illegal, he tells the director that if he does not give him the 3000 euros, he will seduce his wife, who will abandon him. He tells him so with such confidence that the director immediately calls his wife to tell her the anecdote. This phone conversation ends in an ugly fight and the director’s wife kicks him out of the house.

Days later, Antonio is summoned by the director of the branch –who has been living in a motel and eating takeaway since the fight-, and offers him 10.000 euros in exchange for help to get back his wife, his house and his family.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Loan (El crédito) was performed at the Teatro Maravillas of Madrid by nenowned actors like Luis Merlo and Carlos Hipólito (2013), and Antonio Pagudo and Vicente Romero (2017). The play was also staged in Miami, Mexico and Argentina. Besides, El crédito won the Primer Torneo de Dramaturgia Catalana.

It was highly appraised by the critics and the audience, that turned it into one of the best plays to be watched in Madrid during its term.

Jordi Galcerán is also the author of Burundanga, a comedy that is still breaking records four years after its first performance in the Teatro Lara de Madrid.

THEMES: Loan, Bank, Economic Crisis, Pact, Blackmail, Marriage, Matrimonial Crisis, Love.

GENRE: Comedy.