The Look of Absence (La mirada de la ausencia)

What are you willing to do to accomplish your dream?

It’s the end of the 19th Century in Bilbao. Ines is a young 20-year-old woman with strong political views who lives with her grandma and little brother, Ignacio. She is the one who supports the family by working long hours as a maid for a wealthy family in the city. One day, her life turns upside down when she gets fired for discovering erotic and compromising photographs belonging to the owners of the house, while at the same time Ignacio has run away to the Carlist Front.

Ines desperately begins seeking out any kind of job until she meets Javier, a young liberal photographer – with completely opposing views to the protagonist’s Carlist ideology – who casually offers her a job as a model for erotic photographs.

Javier, who is barely 21 years old, dreams of becoming a war reporter for the newspaper, but he finds himself forced to work secretly as a photographer of erotic images to earn a living.

Javier doesn’t miss the opportunity of the Carlists besieging the city of Bilbao to get in touch with two newspapers of opposing ideologies and offer his services as a professional photographer. Thus, Javier begins a risky and dangerous adventure in which all kinds of confidential information passes through his hand.

Inés is interested in her partner’s journalistic work and very soon offers Javier the idea to work together. She argues that it will be easier for him to take photos of the soldiers if she accompanies him, by taking advantage of her incredible skills of analysis and synthesis.

Inés and Javier, two polar opposites, will end up realizing that they are more similar than they though, and will form a professional tandem that will affect them emotionally, creating an intense love story between them.

Both will merge their respective lives into one and live through a series of adventures in order to avoid being discovered by the political factions, to protect their loved ones from civil uprisings, to find Inés’ missing little brother, and to form a stable family nucleus.


REVELANT INFORMATION: The look of Absence (La mirada de la ausencia) is composed of a whole series of perfect ingredients for a long-term adaptation that attracts large audiences along the same lines as the Spanish soap opera The Secret of the Old Bridge or the international smash hit Spanish TV show The Time in Between.

In addition to having some very well outlined and defined protagonists, this novel has a whole universe and a wide range of characters that would allow the development of new plots and subplots to create continuity for the project.

The author – Ana Iturgaiz – carried out an incredible amount of research and documentation to elaborate the development of the novel’s plot, thus incorporating great historical accuracy throughout the novel. Iturgaiz is the winner of the Historic Romance Award and has been a finalist for the Romance Novel Award, the Rincón de la Novela Romántica Short Story Contest and the RENFE Short Story Contest.


What the critics say:

“A wonderful portrayal of the birth of photography and the graphic press, of war and its horrors, of love, and of life at the end of the 19th century. A novel that leaves a mark.” Goodreads

“It has tears, smiles and even sensuality; it has action, politics, conflict, life and reality; it has ordinary people who become characters; and it has history.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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