The ManiaMaca (La ManiaMaca)

When planning leads you to an unexpected place.

Maca is a young girl that believes that, if her every move isn’t planned beforehand, the cosmos can get upset and play tricks on her. That’s where her obsession to be in control comes from: she has to park her Opel Corsa in a very specific way every day and strictly follow a daily routine. Due to her thousands of fixations, her brother has given her a nickname “ManiaMaca”.

While studying for her civil service entrance exams to become a kindergarten teacher, Maca is a barista at Coffeeshop Luna. She has an eye on Carlos, a man who has shown up every day at the same time to order the same thing for a few months now. This fact fascinates her. Is Carlos a control freak like her? Is he her soulmate?

Even though Maca wants Carlos to be the one to end a year’s long dry spell, she believes it’s impossible, and is content just watching him arrive at the café at 10:03 each morning and preparing him his daily breakfast.

Luckily, her colleague and friend Álex who has always been on her side because he understands her, so he helps her slowly get over her obsessions and get closer to him. At the same time, Maca becomes Alex’s biggest supporter and her confident during a difficult time for him due to family issues. Accompanied by Laura, her best friend, and her dog Bombón that everyone is obsessed with, Maca lives her life following those fixated routines which lead her to an unexpected path.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: La ManiaMaca is a hilarious romcom that has been very successful among literary platforms such as Goodreads, and the readers have pointed out the protagonist’s freshness.

The writer, Ángela Franco, is very active on social media and has thousands of followers on Instagram.

This story touches on many fully contemporary subjects such as feminism, mental health and the LGBTQI+ movement, which can be attractive to a very ample audience.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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