The Minidead (Saga Los minimuertos)

Welcome To the “Next World” | Raising Evil | School of Savages

An adventure to die laughing!

The Minidead are a gang of children from beyond the grave. They all live in the “Next World”, where they wait for their parents to arrive and can do pretty much whatever they want.

Penoso is a teddy bear who was forgotten by his owner and died of grief. Petunio had a pot of petunias fall on his head from a fifth floor, and now he loves to take care of the garden above his head and his best friend, Verdura; a snail that lives among his petunias. Maya was allergic to bee stings and when she threw stones at a beehive, she was attacked. Now, her favorite food is flowers and whenever she can, she visits Petunio’s garden to binge on them. Achús has had several illnesses, so it is not known which one led her to the “Next World”. She loves to read, tell scary stories and eat strawberry ice cream. On the other hand, Dinamito tried to make a homemade bomb and blew everything up, including himself. Finally, there is Lechuza, who is the narrator of all the adventures of the Minidead’s. She exists between the world of the living and the world of the dead. And although she doesn’t like humans at all, she likes the Minidead’s quite a bit.

The gang is free to play, have fun and, at the same time, engage in all sorts of crazy activities. However, their lives are disrupted by the arrival of a new boy: Catacrack, who does everything he can to return to the world of the living. Although the Minidead will have to work hard to help him, the gang will finally convince him to stay in the “Next World”, after showing him how much fun it is to live there.

In Raising Evil, Dinaminto has created a super-potent experimental fertilizer and Petunio decides to pour it on the flowers growing on his head. A big mistake, as the flowers mutate into a giant carnivorous plant. When the plant eats Verdura in one bite, the Minidead will have to find a way to get their friend out of the flesh-eating plant and learn to control its appetite.

In School of Savages, Mistress Sinister arrives in the Other Neighborhood with the intention of taming the Minidead. But they are free souls and are not willing to give that up. Thus, the Minidead will undergo a series of obstacles and very funny adventures in the “Other Neighborhood”.


RELEVANT DATA: The Minidead Saga (Saga Los Minimuertos) is the new children’s collection by Ledicia Costas, multi-award winning author of children’s and young adult books. With successful references such as Coraline, Frankenweenie, The Addams Family and Coco, The Minidead Saga (Saga Los Minimuertos) has all the ingredients to become a series or film of great media reception, mixing dark aesthetics with comic elements and very charismatic and endearing characters.

The author has received numerous important awards throughout her career, such as the Merlín Award for Children’s Literature, the National Award for Children’s Literature, the Fervenzas Literarias Award, the Losada Diéguez Award for Literary Creation, and the prestigious White Ravens Award. She was selected to be part of the Ibby Honor Roll at the International Congress in Auckland, New Zealand. She was also awarded the Lazarillo Award for her novel A balada dos unicornios, making her the only Galician author to win this award twice.


What the critics have said:

“The author has the secret of turning everything she touches into a success.” El País Newspaper

“Ledicia is backed by enormous success and prestige in children’s and young adult literature. And she is one of the authors with the greatest ability to empathize with the public.” Fran Alonso, director de Editorial Xerais


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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