The Miss Bubble Saga (Saga La señorita Bubble)

The First Adventure | Adventure Below Zero

She uses her ingenuity to spread happiness around the world.

Miss Bubble is an extravagant inventor who always wears her hands sheathed in gloves and a patch over her left eye. The inventor showed up in the village one sunny morning, driving a steam-powered convertible, and took up residence in an uninhabited house. And despite her sweetness and gentle appearance, the villagers have hated her since the day she arrived. They reject her for being different, for her way of life, and for her intelligence. However, no one suspected what was really going on inside Miss Bubble’s mansion.

But she is not alone, as she has an adopted son, Vincent, who has a heart condition. She saved his life by creating an artificial heart for him. And although Vincent suffers constantly because of his condition as an abandoned child, his tears have magical powers. There is also Nefertiti, an Egyptian cat who was run over and lost her hind legs. Miss Bubble custom-made her a pair of swivel limbs.

One day, after running away from their school to escape from two evil teachers, sisters Noa and Sofi befriend Miss Bubble. Noa is a shy and responsible bookworm who constantly acts on her role as a big sister. Sofi, on the other hand, is spontaneous and outgoing. Despite their differences, they understand each other perfectly. Together they will face the people around them full of prejudices.

From then on, the girls enter a world of marvelous machines, mechanical appliances, and enraged adults. And together they will live a series of adventures with the same goal in mind: to spread happiness around the world. This is thanks to Miss Bubble who possesses a device that designs brilliant ideas: a machine that bottles Vincent’s tears, another capable of catching Nefertiti’s smiles, and many more.

The girls join in various adventures where science and magic come together to tell an unforgettable story.


RELEVANT DATA: Miss Bubble (La señorita Bubble) was included in the list of Best of Children’s Literature Books in Galicia. It is an entire universe inspired by steampunk aesthetics, a literary genre that bets on steam technology and Victorian elegance to build the future.

The saga touches upon disability, fear, rejection of different people, the value of ingenuity, the power of reason, and how humans can understand each other so little sometimes. Miss Bubble’s character embraces the world of science and technology with faith, and acts as a catalyst to reclaim the role of so many women inventors who have been erased from history.

Its author, Ledicia Costas, is the only Galician to have won the Lazarillo Award twice. The author has received numerous prestigious awards throughout her career, such as the Merlín Award for Children’s Literature, the National Award for Children’s Literature, the Fervenzas Literarias Award, the Losada Diéguez Award for Literary Creation, and the prestigious White Ravens Award. She was selected to be part of the Ibby Honor Roll at the International Congress in Auckland, New Zealand.


What the critics have said:

“She counts her novels as successes and immediately turns them into classics that will last forever, because she manages to reach the reader in a deep, personal way.” (digital magazine)

“A children’s novel that captivates. Her character […] is rounded, full of mysteries, sweetness, very intelligent and willing to help. A good story for young readers who like to invent and create.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, Catalan, Galician.

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