The Multicosmos Saga (Saga Multicosmos)

Pixelated virtual adventures | Trapped with no Wi-Fi | The drones rebellion| Mess in the time-space

Have you ever been so hooked by a videogame that you forgot dinner? Then this is your saga. 

The five Masters of Multicosmos announce a huge search inside their games: the user who finds the three parts of the Diamond Trident, the most precious weapon, will be the most powerful player in Multicosmos: he or she will win hundreds of thousands of experience points and will have, of course, the best weapon. Thousands of players from all over the world go after this Trident.

A mysterious boy with an unknown name and Alex will be the protagonists of this story for the search of the Trident. Both of them are searching on their own, but when the boy sees that Alex appears in the rankings because he has found the first part of the Trident, he takes some measures.

In the middle of this tough competition, Alex and the mysterious boy have to handle real-life obstacles, such as their parents telling them to put away their phones and computers; keep their identities from Multicosmos in secret; meetings and disagreements with their high school classmates; and an insufferable math professor.

On the second installment, the most prestigious Constructors of Multicosmos have reset the micro-world of the videogame to create another planet: The headquarters of the Mega Tournament, the most amazing competition of the whole summer.

The User Number One – the boy with no name- cannot miss this appointment, he needs to demonstrate he is still the best player of Multicosmos, but his parents send him together with Alex to a two-week scout summer camp where, obviously, there is no Wi-Fi connection. User Number One will have to manage to get Wi-Fi somehow and be on time for the tournament trials.

On the third installment, one of the Masters of Multicosmos goes to the dark side and announces he wants to kill User Number One. After this threat, User Number One hides in a safe place: the CosmicCon, the most famous convention of Multicosmos players celebrated in Tokyo. The convention becomes a rescue mission way more dangerous than expected. What started as an entertaining online game community where the users could make friends is now getting dangerously close to the real world.

Every day, they set out to find new adventures, getting more dangerous, and having to give the best in them if they want to survive, in the game and in real life.

Their families discover, finally, that their children are the most famous Cosmics players in the world.

On the last installment, the Masters of the virtual universe take over the planet and want to get rid of their enemies, on the internet, and in the real world. The only ones who can stop them are three boys who will have to undertake a very dangerous mission: to sneak into the secret base of Multicosmos, to discover unimaginable secrets and to travel in time.


RELEVANT DATA: Multicosmos saga has been very well received in the online community, where its author, Pablo C. Reyna is well known in literary forums as El Cronista de Salem. Multicosmos is also full of references to the real current world, which makes it closer to the teen community.

Pablo C. Reyna is the founder of the Tormenta Libros Literary Agency and is runner up for the prestigious Finalist of El Barco de Vapor Award. 


What the critics have said:

“Super recommended! References are great and very surprising; you will laugh a lot and will not be able to stop reading. Perfectly adapted to teenagers, the comic world and videogames are together in this story”. Goodreads.

“Reading MultiCosmos is like playing a videogame. The reader is able to put himself in the shoes of the protagonist to play Multicosmos and try to win the competition.”


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Film, Miniseries, TV movie.


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