During the last months, in Spain, a high number of cases of kidnaps and hostages perpetrated by mobs from the East of Europe and Latin America, are becoming the center of the mass media. “Group Express”, led by Francisco Javier Tortosa, it´s an elite group (7 members from different nationalities that proceed from the intelligence service, police departments or army) created to resolve these kidnaps in just three days, before the media report publicly. This is about a secret group, which existence is unknown to the majority of security officials, and that works under strict norms and the orders from the sole representative in the police dome: “Deep Throat”.

The Express’ objective is release the kidnapping and avoid the panicky mood of the people. But, one of the members of Express falls into coma after it was shot at while working in a case. To Francisco, his principles do not allow him abandon one of his guys and decides to disobey. The team follows him and – by the time they continue to resolve cases of kidnap – they start a secret investigation into Deep Throat and bosses.

The will find that behind of these mobs from the East of Europe and Latin America is hidden The Network: a plot of police and political corruption and from the members of the CNI (National Intelligence Center) that work by commission for corporations and foreign secret services, using the kidnaps as a way to pressure and get their interests. The Express Group has been created by The Network and the Intelligence: they are puppets, the last piece for the perfect kidnap.


RELEVANT FACTS:  Manuel Soriano and Ana Belén Gabaldón are the screenwriters of The Network. Soriano has earned top level recognitions, including at Cannes Lions Festival, as many others in International Festivals in Cinematography. Ana Belén Gabaldón is a script analyst with several years of experience on her back.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie, Film, TV Movie, Miniserie


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