The Pin-0-ki-0 Saga (Saga Pin-8)

Pin-0-ki-0 Wants to Have Friends | Pin-0-ki-0 Wants to Have a Soul | Pin-0-ki-0 Wants Super Strength

 The adventures of a clumsy android in his everyday struggle to be a normal kid.

Pin-0-ki-0 is the first version of an android that works terribly. His gadgets go off at the most inconvenient times, therefore causing numerous disasters. He is, let’s say, a somewhat clumsy robot, but very special nonetheless: he is sweet, curious and dreams of becoming a little more human every day. On his journey to become a real boy, Pin-0-ki-0 has many entertaining adventures.

Dr. Phil Iberto, his inventor, lives surrounded by defective gadgets: a vacuum cleaner that coughs up dust, an alarm clock that jumps on top of the sleeping person’s head, a radio that refuses to broadcast the news… But Pin-0-ki-0 is by-far his favorite one and, although he can’t do much to help him, he is patient with Pin-0-ki-0 and encourages him to follow his dreams of becoming a real boy.

Sausage is a three-foot-long dog who lives with them and, because she is obsessed with eating, she spends her days chewing on the doctor’s inventions, especially Pin-0-ki-0.

In each installment, Pin-0-ki-0 lives a funny and disastrous adventure marked by his desire to be more human. In this way, each book corresponds to something that his robot condition should not be able to achieve, such as having a soul, friends, family members, or even being stronger.

His relentless curiosity leads him to discover that humans have souls, which for him is like a little light inside, so he decides to try to catch a firefly, light a candle or capture a lightning bolt… hilarious adventures with disastrous consequences for poor Pin-0-ki-0.


RELEVANT DATA: The Pin-0-ki-0 saga (Saga Pin-8), addressed to children from six to eight years oldis currently made up of two installments, and aims to become one of the most acclaimed collections in children’s literature in Spanish. 

Its author, Álvaro Colomer, is a writer and journalist. He has published several novels for both adults and young adults alike, as well as children’s stories and non-fiction books, which have gained international recognition.?He is the winner of The Jaén Literary Award. As a journalist, he works for the newspapers La Vanguardia and El Mundo, as well as collaborating regularly with other media such as Yo Dona and Cadena Ser, among others.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIALTV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and Catalan

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