The Reef (Arrecife) (Serie TV)

Danger is the best aphrodisiac. 

Climate change empties hotels and money laundering regenerates them as phantom emporiums. At the time of extreme tourism, travelers need other kind of emotions. Former rockstar Mario Müller comes up with a visionary possibility of tourism in the Caribbean: the pleasures of fear. He builds The Pyramid Resort in the shore of an immense coral reef. It is a resort that offers controlled dangers, until it gets out of hand and a scuba diver dies outside of the water.

In a world in which violence is part of the daily life in Mexico, there are many tourists that still want to defy risk, aware that they might find themselves immerse in a guerrilla attack. To satisfy this morbid fascination, The Pyramid offers a catalogue of dangerous activities, aimed at reckless adventurers that want to have a close-to-death experience.

But The Reef is also a story about friendship, love and redemption. It is a story that synchronizes perfectly the disdain for life that the narrator feels and the titanic and agonizing effort of a dying Mario to show him the way to definite salvation. There is murder, a potent moral dialogue and a character that fights to redeem himself.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Villoro is currently one of the best Latin American writers. He is also a screenwriter, a playwright and a journalist, awarded with the Herralde Award and the Premio LIBER for the most distinguished Latin American writer.

Villoro’s works have sold more tan one million copies, and they have been translated into more tan a dozen languages.

The Reef has been translated into English, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and German.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek.


THEMES: Social critique, Death, Muerder, Tourism, Resort, Caribbean, Extreme experiences, Violence, Moral, Ecology, Friendship, Love, Redemption, Morbidity, Ambition, Power, Roleplaying, Risk, Adventure, Dilemma.

GENRE: Thriller.