The Reunion (El reencuentro)

Is it easier to love or to kill each other?

There is a basic complication in human relationships: communication. Among sisters, or in the family in general, many things are taken from granted, and when we want to say “I love you”, we say “Screw you.” After all, family is there for the good moments, and the not so good moments. You can do to family everything you would not dare do to a stranger for fear of the consequences. And, in any case, communicating means to relate, to get dirty, to go through things with other people, not in Facebook or Instagram, but in real life. Crying, screaming, hugging… touching!

Julia and Catalina are two women who have nothing to lose, and so they give everything they have. Now, after twenty years of not talking to each other, these anxious and ferocious sisters see each other again in a fun duel. They will have to get over their past so that they can have a future… together? Is it better to love or to kill each other? Maybe a mix? Or, maybe, in the end, these two sisters may only need to understand each other… and a little bit of affection.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: El reencuentro was staged under the direction of well-known Gabriel Olivares, starring Amparo Larrañaga and María Pujalte, two great comedy actresses of the Spanish theatre, TV and film industry. The performance received wonderful critiques from the experts, and was strongly acclaimed by the public.  After nine months on stage in Madrid, the theatrical rights to “El reencuentro” have so far been sold to Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Mexico
have been sold, so far, to Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico and Miami, premiering with great success so far in Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Ramón Paso is a Spanish playwright, screenwriter and director, grandson of Enrique Jardiel Poncela and son of actress Paloma Paso Jardiel. His works have been staged both in the conventional and alternative circuits in Madrid.

Ramón Paso is one of the most relevant authors in Spain, having staged more than 20 plays with great success. As a screenwriter, he has worked in Matrimonio con hijos and Compañeros, two of the most successful TV shows in Spain.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV SeriesMiniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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