The Shiva´s Tears Saga I (Saga Las lágrimas de Shiva I)

False accusations that must be sorted to end a seventy-year-old animosity.


Summer 1969. Javier is an intelligent 15-year-old who is passionate about science fiction. Unfortunately, his father is diagnosed with a highly contagious disease, so Javier is forced to move to Santander with his mother’s side of the family. In Villa Candelaria, he is welcomed to an impressive and majestic mansion owned by his uncles and forms a rather strong friendship with his cousin Violeta. She reveals her ancient family history, the story of the Obregon’s, and talks to him about the missing emerald necklace: Shiva´s tears.

This story goes back 70 years, when Beatriz Obregon (their ancestor), was set to marry Sebastián Mendoza (member of one of the richest families in Santander). As a sign of commitment, Santiago Mendoza gifted Beatriz the precious family heirloom: Shiva´s Tears. However, Beatriz never showed up to the wedding and it was rumored that she fled with the necklace to sell it and live off the money she would receive.

To date, the Mendoza and Obregon families have never gotten along; however, Rosa (Violeta´s sister) maintains a relationship with Gabriel, one of the Mendoza kids. In addition, Javier and Violeta frequently sense Beatriz's spirit. Intrigued to know the truth of the past events and to decipher what Beatriz's ghost wants to communicate to them, they undertake an arduous investigation.

 After investigating the most hidden family secrets, they will discover that Beatriz had actually eloped to America with a sailor she was in love with.  They will also prove Beatriz's innocence regarding the disappearance of Shiva's Tears and that the necklace had actually been stolen by Amelia, a former family maiden. A now older  Amelia will reveal to them that she had kept the jewel to get revenge on the Obregon´s for the years of bad treatment she had endured from them.

Crossed vengeance, forbidden loves, mysterious presences and strange disappearances come together in an addictive and frenetic investigation.



RELEVANT DATA: Shiva´s Tears (Las lágrimas de Shiva) is recipient of the Edebé de Literatura Juvenil Award. With more than 500 000 copies sold, it is considered one of the biggest long-sellers in young adult literature as it continues to position itself among the 5 best-selling books in Spain.

“A very interesting book full of mystery, with an agile rhythm that keeps you glued to its pages, and that will not leave you unaffected.” Goodreads

Shiva´s Tears (Las lágrimas de Shiva) is included among the compulsory readings of secondary schools in Spain. It is a story so addictive that, in addition to the students, it even manages to capture its adult audience. Its author César Mallorquí is a benchmark of young adult literature, awarded more than twenty times. Some of the most important are: four Edebé Awards, four White Ravens Awards, the Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil Award, the Cervantes Chico Award, two Gigamesh Awards, the Gran Angular Award and the Hache Award.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, French, Catalan, Basque.


THEMES: Investigation, Search for the Truth, Secrets, Ghosts, Disappearance, Rivalry, Family, Enemies, Impossible Love, Betrayal, Vengeance, Friendship.

GENRE: Mystery, Fantasy, Young Adult.


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