The Smell of Death in Pioz (Olor a muerte en Pioz)

No nightmare is worse than monsters of flesh and blood.

September 17th, 2016, Pioz, Spain. The Spanish police discover four corpses of a Brazilian family stuffed in six garbage bags whilst following the trail of an unbearable odor. They had been dead for over a month.

Patrick Nogueira was nineteen years old when he turned on his cell phone and committed the multiple murder of his uncles and little cousins, which he broadcasted via WhatsApp to his best friend. Something never seen before in criminal history: thousands of miles away, his friend Marvin Henriques witnessed one of the most brutal murders of the 21st century live.

The narration of a quadruple murder told with the relaxed manner of someone who eats popcorn at the cinema. When Patrick fled on a plane to Brazil, he formatted his cell phone, erasing all the data, images, conversations and handwritten notes detailing the steps that had led him to commit the crime. But they did not count on the fact that everything was stored on the phone until the trial, which was held two years later. No one except investigators had managed to read the contents of the messages shared between the two friends.

Although at first it all seemed to be the work of a hitman or the revenge of a criminal organization, such as drug traffickers or the mafia, it did not fit with previous crimes seen in Spain. Thus began the spectacular investigation of one of the most brutal murders in our history, but that the police knew how to solve masterfully.

RELEVANT DATA: The Smell of Death in Pioz (Olor a muerte en Pioz) is the book that chronicles the most savage crime in recent history, a multiple murder that its perpetrator broadcasted live to his best friend; something never seen before, a true 21st century crime. It is one of the cases that has caused the most commotion in the media and social networks in recent years.

Its author, the journalist Beatriz Osa witnessed the entire trial just two meters away from the suspect. Beatriz Osa has worked in the newsrooms of Cadena SER, Zero magazine and Telecinco. She currently works at La Sexta and edits Expediente Marlasca, a news section for which she received an award from the QSD Foundation.


What the critics have said:

“Based on a multitude of testimonies and on the testimonies of the author herself, who had the opportunity to witness the trial, we can learn about the case from beginning to end and how there are still loose ends that remain unresolved.” Amazon.

“With absolute journalistic rigor and objectivity throughout the narration, she makes us participants of a memory of those who followed this case through the press. She takes us through the arduous investigation that involved not only solving the crime, but also trying to obtain some kind of collaboration from Patrick Nogueira.” Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie, Docudrama, Documentary.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, available soon in Portuguese.

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