The Tibidabo Harem Saga (Saga de El Harén del Tibidabo)

Tibidabo’s Harem (El Harén del Tibidabo) | The Favorite of the Harem (La favorita del Harén

The most luxurious brothel raises passions in Barcelona. But it is also the main focus of conflicts in the city.

The Harem is the most distinguished brothel in Barcelona, located at the Tibidabo Avenue, among impressive mansions. It is the most luxurious and popular one in the city since its opening decades ago. It is run by Mili Santamarta, an eccentric and histrionic man who likes to dress in drag and make “his girls”, and the prestigious clients’ experience at The Harem as magnificent as possible.

Mili inherited the Harem after his mother abandoned him ten years ago. It is precisely his mother’s death, her body found now, ten years after her disappearance with two bullets in her head, what forces him to get out of his beloved Harem.

The devastating news produces also relief in Mili, as he believes then that his mother did not abandon him, but that she had been kidnapped. He investigates his mother’s murder, together with Sancha, his right hand at the brothel, -who also suffered the loss of her son ten years before- they team up to investigate what happened and if those two crimes (and many others) are connected. Mili and his army of magnificent girls will also have to face a group of Somalians who want to take over the harem. This will mean war, as “over Mili’s and the girls’ dead body” will anyone take their brothel from them.

Mili is the narrator of this story. He is a unique character, his convincing personality fascinates everyone, between ludicrous and shy, between tough and tender, ambiguous, shameless, dangerous, histrionic but also cold and manipulative, making his narration and the investigation completely captivating.

With a big dose of irony and dark humor, Mili, in his investigation will run into many disturbing characters, voodoo, sex, violence, murderers that are all over the media, and a lot of dead bodies. We will discover a hidden and dark Barcelona, almost paranormal, full of satanic sects, sadomasochism temples and cruel sexual exploitation mafias.

On the second installment, Mili hides a girl who needs protection in his harem, and as a result will find himself right in the middle of a war between two clans who want to take the control of the of weapons and drug trafficking in the city, and who seek the girl for information. The De Santiago, dangerous and sophisticated, and the Klein, led by two extremely cruel and heartless chubby dwarfs, who only seek revenge for the death of their beloved son Delfín.

Everything happens, again, in a violent, dark and sordid Barcelona, with extravagant characters and with the harsh and corrosive humor by the theatrical and exaggerated Mili as main character.


RELEVANT DATA: The Tibidabo Harem Saga is composed of two installments: The Tibidabo Harem and The Favorite of the Harem. Andreu Martín is one of the most prestigious Spanish writers, specialized in the noir genre. He has written five theatre plays, more than ten sagas for young adults and children and more than fifty novels for adults.

He has been awarded three times with the Dashiel Hammet Award, he has the Círculo del Crimen Award, the National Children and Young Adult Literature Award, the Deutsche Krimi Preis International, the Ateneo de Sevilla Award, the Pepe Carvalho Barcelona Townhall Award, the Alcira City Novel Award, Sant Joan Unnim Award, Ramón Muntaner Young Adult Literature Award, among many others prestigious literary awards.


What the critics have said:

“As we get to know Mili, the novel escalates in quality, it evidences Martin’s great skill to manage this type of stories”. Libros y literatura.

“This sequel doesn’t disappoint; it keeps creating new mysteries and challenges for the city” Babelio


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Catalan.

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