The Tiger and the Duchess (El tigre y la duquesa)

A policewoman. A criminal. A twenty-million-euro booty. A moral dilemma.

Inspector Elsa Giralt is going through a dark moment. She went from being the top in her class to discovering that her husband cheated on her with her best friend, and seeing how his colleague became tetraplegic after a shooting in which she feels she could have done more.

The body of Vicky Martin is found dead. She was a 28-year-old woman who worked as a cashier in a supermarket. Her nickname was “the duchess” for her sophisticated looks, despite her working class status, and her obsession with climbing the social ladder. The body is found sitting on a bench with a Louis Vuitton luggage, a clear smile on her face and a knife stuck on her side. She looked like she was waiting for someone to come pick her up. Elsa Giralt is in charge of the investigation and she will work together with inspector Santi, with whom she will not get on particularly well.

The inspectors discover that The Duchess’ had met Dragan Jelusic, a member of an internationally notorious criminal band, the Pink Panthers. A band that is responsible for over 300 sophisticated and spectacular robberies on an international scale. Dragan and Vicky started a passional relationship and had meticulously planned to betray the Panthers by disappearing with their last robbery’s millionaire booty.

Cranston, a detective that has been tracking Dragan for years, joins the investigation and, together with Elsa, they will make unexpected discoveries. They will find out that “The Duchess” and inspector Santi used to have a relationship and they were planning to get rid of the Serbian. But they will also discover that Vicky had a third secret plan: to get rid of Santi to be the only owner of the booty and start the life she always dreamed of.

Who killed Vicky? Where is the booty? And Dragan? What are Santi’s plans?


RELEVANT DATA: The Tiger and the Duchess is a highly addictive urban thriller that, based on real testimonies, follows the investigations of one of the most famous and tracked criminal bands in the last years. They were able to loot luxurious businesses in under 60 seconds. Highly acclaimed by the critics, Jordi Solé’s last novel has become a sensation among the readers.

Thanks to the universal concept in which the novel is based, The Tiger and the Duchess (El tigre y la duquesa) has the potential to become a great audiovisual project focused on the crimes of the Pink Panthers. Both the plot and the characters are exquisitely constructed.


What the critics have said:

“With touches of the most classic noir stories, Jordi Solé built up an original and innovative plot that exposes the worst side of human beings and the city where they live in, Barcelona. A surprising novel that catches our attention for its dark plot. We might be faced with of the next classic of the genre”. Susana Rodríguez Lezaun

“The new thriller revelation in Spanish language”. HarperCollins

“The Tiger and the Duchess is an attractive and well-constructed novel. A turn-pager. Beware of reading it in the subway. You might miss your stop”. Susana Hernández

“A thriller about the Pink Panthers and the supermarket cashier that exposes how far one could go to have a rich and luxurious life. An intense novel, written with a fresh style, that takes you through a dangerous Barcelona and through the live of exploding characters”. Laura Gómar


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Catalan. Sample in English available upon request.

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