The Universe of Escarlatina Saga

The underworld awaits!

Román loves cooking, and that’s why his parents give him a cooking course for his birthday. But, since they don’t have a lot of money, they bought it through the Internet, and the present turns out to be a little… bizarre. The cook is a corpse who comes in a coffin, separated into pieces. When Román puts her together, he finds out her name is Escarlatina. She is a lovely girl who only has one wish: to come back to life. A spider with a French accent always accompanies her. She only has three hours before she has to go back to the world of the dead, where her existence is not very happy. There’s only one way to fix the problem: she must cook a dish that both living and dead like. Sounds difficult? Yes. Sounds like it’s a trap? Yes.  But that doesn’t stop Román, who jumps into the adventure without looking back.

The prequel of Escarlatina, la cocinera cadáver (Escarlatina, The Corpse Cook) – Esmeraldina, la pequeña fantasma (Esmeraldina, The Little Ghost)-, tells the story of a little girl called Esmeraldina, who lives with her family in a hotel in the Wild West. She dies of escarlatina and becomes a ghost called Escarlatina. Guests from the Beyond, spiritists from the Here… and many hilarious characters will shake things up for Esmeraldina, and will also help her endure her death with lots of humor.

The third installment, Los archivos secretos de Escarlatina (The Secret Archives of Escarlatina), explores in depth the world of Escarlatina. What do the dead play at night in Escarlatina’s mausoleum? Will she manage to open her own restaurant? Terrifying recipes, a circus show and several surprises together in a volume thought to go deep within the universe of Escarlatina.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Universe of Escarlatina is a children’s saga in the style of Tim Burton’s animated classics. The main character is a corpse girl who, after dying of escarlatina, became a ghost and that now, back in the world of the living, needs the help of Roman to cook a dish that both living and dead like.  The characters created by Costas are very charismatic, from the driver of the Mortibus, Nicotine, who died because she smoked, to Catapún, a man who was just ran over by a car, and Lady Horreur, the French spider that lives in Escarlatina’s nose.

Ledicia Costas is the only Galician writer who has won the Premio Lazarillo twice. The author has received many important awards throughout her carrer, such as the Premio Merlín de Literatura Infantil, the Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil, the Premio Fervenzas Literarias, the Premio Losada Diéguez de Creación Literaria, and the prestigious White Ravens Award. She was selected to be part of the Ibby List of Honour at the International Congress in Auckland, New Zealand.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Animated series or film.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, Portuguese, Gaelic, Catalan, Korean, Czech.

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