The Weaving of Days (El tejido de los días)

A sewing workshop, a forbidden love and a big family secret.

The year is 1950 and Julia, alone and pregnant, has just arrived in Zaragoza, a city that drags the consequences of the Civil War.

Julia, although it is not going to be easy, has an economic peace of mind: the inheritance of Miguel, her husband who died in the war as a Republican. As soon as she arrives in the city, she decides to go to a small sewing shop, where she meets the young Rosita, a naive and modest girl, but with a good heart and a majestic ability for sewing.

Julia and Rosita set up a successful boutique with the most modern fabrics and the most glamorous dresses in the city that attract women from the wealthiest families in Zaragoza. It will be thanks to the order of a dress that Julia will meet the Monforte family, and the lives of those who work for them: the doorman, the maids, the chauffeur, the governess and the cook.

But the wealthy and influential family keeps dark secrets that will come to light and forever change the lives of its members.

Julia will discover what is hidden behind the facade of Don Emilio Monforte; the father of the family, and a renowned lawyer and businessman who is a follower of the Franco regime. But behind the image of a good father, a respectable Christian man, hides a shameless man who leads a double life plagued with prostitutes, alcohol, and takes advantage of all the women within his reach.

Julia will have to be as cautious as possible so that her own secrets are not discovered. And, above all, that the republican identity of her son’s father is not revealed, since this would ruin her name and her business.


RELEVANT DATA: The Weaving of Days (El tejido de los días) evokes with great success the Spanish lifestyle of the 50’s through complex and strong female characters. Its author, Carlos Aurensanz, is a renowned Spanish writer specializing in historical novels.

The Weaving of Days (El tejido de los días) has all the essential ingredients to become a successful TV series, in the purest style of The Cable Girls, Velvet, or The Time in Between.


What the critics have said:

“With reflective, vindictive and well-structured details, Carlos Aurensanz prepares us for a sensational, action-packed finale that will undoubtedly be hard to beat.” (literary blog)

“Delightful reading and unexpected ending. Spectacular.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.



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