This Emptiness that Boils (Este vacío que hierve)

Secrets are hidden underground.

The story takes place in 2030, Karina is a twenty-five-year-old physicist who is currently working on a new theory of universal gravitation. She lives in the south of Mexico City with her grandmother Rebeca. One night, her grandmother, while drunk, mistakes Karina for a ghost from her past, and reveals a family secret from eighteen years ago, regarding the death of her parents.

Rebeca’s secret seems to be related to a recent fire that took place in Chapultepec Forest in Mexico, where the city’s zoo, and the Dolores Pantheon where Karina’s parents are buried is located. The authorities said the fire occurred due to a heat wave. But it doesn’t seem like an accident: The flames began when a mysterious man dressed as a priest set fire to the common grave in the cemetery. The fire almost destroyed all the trees in the park and killed all the animals in the zoo, which incited an activist movement for animal rights.

With the help of Silverio, the smart and courageous guardian of the cemetery and Deanery’s, Silverio’s daughter who is an activist, Karina will try to uncover her grandmothers secret regarding the death of her parents, and how it is linked to the fire at the cemetery. Karina will also have to work on restoring the Park’s fauna and flora and will try to find out who is behind the terrible catastrophe.


RELEVANT DATA: This emptiness that boils touches on contemporary issues such as ecology and the impact of humans on nature. It is a powerful and addictive story about the hidden secrets of a broken family and the supernatural mysteries that surround a cemetery fire.

Jorge Comensal has become one of the most original and outstanding voices of the new generation of Hispanic writers. He is an essayist and a novelist; his novels have been translated to more than 10 languages. He has published personal essays, chronicles, and articles about ecology, collaborating in magazines such as Tierra Adentro, Vice, Letras Libres, Variopinto and the magazine of the University of Mexico.


People have said:

“Sharp, hilarious, yet sensitive” Guadalupe Nett, uthor.

“Jorge Comensal has created a world both absurd and hilarious, yet one that also touches on our darkest emotions” Daniel SaldañaParís, author.

“Jorge Comensal oscillates masterfully between comedy and tragedy, gathering in the pages of his book a stupendous array of characters before whom the reader does not know for sure whether to pitifully smile or smilingly pity” Fernando Aramburu, author.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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