Trilogy The Story of a Contemporary Witch III: THe Destiny of a Witch

Magic is on those who are always with you. Should Diana trust her intuition and suspect from the ones around her? 

Diana suspects that her friends know her better than they seem to. Meanwhile, her life crumbles away: she broke up with her boyfriend, her friends are not as they used to be, she lost her job, and a series of awkward events keep her alert. Therefore, she decides to put her life in order and start looking for her book.

Now that she suspects Farid and Igor might have dark intentions against her, Diana is at a crossroads… not only because of her friends, but also because her heart is divided in two. Will she be able to decide between her passion for Alan and the mysterious attraction she feels for Desmond, who is waiting for her unconditionally? Should she trust her intuition and suspect from those around her? Will she overcome the many obstacles on her way?

At last, the moving and astonishing ending of this magical and emotional trilogy that will uncover the secrets that have been following Diana for decades.


The Story of a Contemporary Witch Saga is a story full of human values and magical events, a personal search for the meaning of life. This saga breaks with the traditional myths of witches linked to potions, covens and dark arts.

This saga has collected excellent critiques by the audience, who highlight its simplicity, as well as the psychological depth of its characters. A saga that “mixes a measured level of humor with a highly catching plot”.

Antonia J. Corrales is a Spanish author that has been translated to several languages, and she is considered as one of the bestselling Spanish authors in Amazon in England, France, the US, Spain, Germany, Italy and Latin America.

Corrales is a long seller writer, with one of her novels remaining in the Top selling for 7 years. She has been awarded with over 20 prizes in international story competitions.




THEMES: Magic, Love, Death, Love Triangle, Search for the Origins, Witches, Trip, Investigation, Suspicion, Reincarnation.

GENRE: Fantasy, Suspense, Mystery, Romantic, Young Adult.


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