Village Schoolteacher Saga (Saga Maestra de pueblo)

L for Beginner | Civil Status: Opponent | Clean Slate

No matter how much experience you have, a teacher never stops learning.

In Village Schoolteacher, L for Beginner (Maestra de pueblo con L de novata), Maria’s life changes completely when she gets the opportunity to fill a substitute teaching position in a small town in rural Spain, leaving her friends and family in Madrid.

Maria has to learn how to navigate the classrooms of an unruly second grade class and the reality of the remote, godforsaken village she now finds herself in at the same time. One thing no one taught her in college is that, in her day-to-day life as a teacher, she would also have to be an excellent judge, detective, nurse, multitasking mechanic, designer, banker and a long list of other things. All without losing her passion for teaching. Little by little, Maria slowly becomes accustomed to village life and the hustle and bustle of being “the new teacher”. After a year as a novice, Maria emerges victorious and officially proclaimed “Village Schoolteacher”.

In Village Schoolteacher, Civil Status: Opponent (Maestra de pueblo, estado civil: Opositora), Maria faces her worst threat yet: the entrance exams. While she spends her her nights are spent studying for exams in hopes of becoming an official teacher.

During that year, María will face the teasing of sixth grade students, the primitive technology found in the computer classrooms of the public education system, and the backstabbing of her professional colleagues. After so much effort and sacrifice, and a few moments of pure desperation, the Village Cchoolteacher will pass the competitive examinations and get the long-awaited position.

In Village Schoolteacher, Clean Slate (Borrón y cuenta nueva), Maria finally starts as a teacher with a permanent position, worry-free… or so she thinks. When she arrives at the school assigned to her, everything goes wrong; not only because the principal is a complete disaster or because her class is the unruliest in the school, but because everything she tries to do with her best intentions ends up going wrong. And it doesn’t help that her classmate is Elvira, the teacher who has been at the school for more than 30 years, and to whom everyone constantly compares her. On top of that, it’s Maria’s turn this year to organize and coordinate the end-of-year campout.


RELEVANT DATA: Village Schoolteacher is a funny comedy based on the author’s own experiences ( keeping her identity a secret) as a teacher. The author began her adventures in social networks, uploading humorous content as an escape from her tedious day-to-day life as a teacher.

The saga was a commercial success, and the author has hundreds of thousands of followers on her social networks, where she continues to share humorous posts about current events in the classroom.

Village Schoolteacher has great potential to become a fresh, fun, and very current TV series. In addition, the show has a whole series of subplots and secondary characters that would give rise to develop more content.


What the critics say:

“Mandatory for those in the profession. More real than reality. Congratulations, teach.” El Hematocrítico

“From the ranks of Twitter comes this anonymous kindergarten teacher who shares, in a humorous way, the absurdities, the ridiculous, and the tender moments of her working life.” Mujer Hoy

“Irreverent, daring, sincere, starkly, and unabashedly real, this fictional character has stolen our (teachers’) hearts and has forever slipped into our school agendas. She makes the teaching profession something new, fresh, authentic, admirable.” Apalabrazos

Village Schoolteacher, which she is, and under that name she hides a lot of dedication to her profession and also a sense of humor, because with irony she tweets the reality of the classroom and now she has decided to reflect all this in a comic book.” Diario de Navarra


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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