Where I Buried Fabiana Orquera (Donde enterré a Fabiana Orquera)

 One crime. Thirty years. A letter that will change everything.

Nahuel is a young professor and journalist. He travels to the Patagonia to stay at Carlucho and Dolores’s ranch, a place where he used to spend nearly every summer when he was a kid, and where he now finds the old letter that will make him wonder what happened to Fabiana Orquera. Orquera was Raúl Báez’s lover, the candidate for mayor of Puerto Deseado. Fabiana Orquera’s disappearance was one of the biggest scandals in the region during the early 1980s. Fabiana had gone to spend a weekend with Raúl Báez at the ranch in Las Maras, the place Nahuel had been staying all his life. Fabiana disappeared without a trace, and Báez was found unconscious and covered in blood. But soon enough, he was declared innocent in the trial and the case was closed.

In order for Nahuel to publish the mystery of Fabiana Orquera in one of the most important newspapers in the region, he decides that he will undertake the investigation to find more information. However, he will be confronted with the consequences that arise from digging into the past. For many people, it is in their best interest that this truth never be brought to light.

Nahuel will make use of Dolores and Carlucho’s testimonies, both of whom lived through the events that took place. He also meets Nina, a Spanish woman who traveled to Las Maras to continue her doctoral research. A strong friendship between the two blossoms and Nahuel will begin doubt his own feelings.

Nahuel will soon discover that Fabiana Orquera was an alias used by an Uruguayan fugitive who had come to Argentina in hopes of escaping from persecution. She had been sentenced to prison for having killed her abusive husband.

Eventually, Nahuel will uncover the mystery, and reveal that Fabiana Orquera is really Nina, who, threatened by the political rivals of her lover Baez, was forced to flee Argentina.

Nina returned with the intention that Nahuel would pick up on the clues she was giving him and decide to continue with the case, all in order to solve the mysterious disappearance that had been forgotten for 30 years.

An investigation full of revenge, impossible loves, secrets of the past and political plots, set in a remote place of the Argentinean Patagonia.


RELEVANT DATA: Where I buried Fabiana Orquera (Dónde enterré a Fabiana Orquera) is an international bestseller and winner of the Amazon Literary Award, a contest for which nearly 2,000 works from more than thirty countries are submitted. The book has tens of thousands of fans around the world, and has been positioned on numerous occasions in the Top 10 bestsellers in the Amazon Spain and Amazon US lists.

“If you like Juan Gómez-Jurado, Dolores Redondo, Javier Castillo or Joël Dicker, you won’t be able to put Cristian Perfumo’s books down.” Amazon

“A revelation.” Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Excellent novel, with a fresh, modern and very careful style. A majestically constructed plot and absorbing thanks to the skillful way in which the author handles the characters. I had never before seen the southern Argentinean lifestyle so well depicted.” Goodreads

Cristian Perfumo’s works have been translated into English and French, and published in Braille. They are a commercial success with more than 50,000 copies sold, and frequently positioned in the Top 100 of Amazon Spain and in the Top 100 of Spanish books in Amazon USA. Cristian Perfumo is a finalist for the Clarín Novel Award and is considered one of the best thriller authors in Spanish.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and French.

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