I, Death (Já, Smrt)

Even where hate and lies reign, hope can survive.


At a local high school, a series of alarming incidents occur: a brick is thrown through the headmistress’s office window, the boy’s restrooms are vandalized, and the word “whorehouse” is sprayed over the high school wall. Suspicion falls on Sabina Forman and her group of friends: Jakub, Erik, David, Jonáš, Ela, Bára and Patrik. But could these events be anyhow connected to the recent murder of Sabina’s twin sister, Julia?

Detective Captain Šindler takes over the case. The detective is haunted by nightmares of crime scenes, realizing he is not as resilient as he once believed. He drowns in alcohol, neglects his health, and suffers from insomnia.

Soon after, Sabina goes missing. While searching her room they come across a pool of blood and two notes. The first one reads: ‘Kill Julia!’ and the second one: ‘Spray the school wall!’

Evidence leads to the group, who have been engaged in a new dangerous game in memory of Julia, assigning macabre tasks to each other. They each struggle with their own severe problems: the loss of a relative, poverty, an alcoholic mother… and all hope the dangerous game will offer them relief at least a while. However, they are unaware that Sabina is playing it to frame the killer of her sister, whom she believes to be Jakub.

Blood stains and a murder weapon are soon found in Jakub’s car. During the investigation the police question Sabina’s boyfriend Erik and notice something strange. His fingerprints are found on the note: ‘Kill Julia’. Under pressure, he confesses that Sabina is Julia, who feared for her life, so she pretended to be Sabina.

Julia believed that her sister was killed by Jakub, who mistook her for Julia. She offered Erik money to help her stage her sister’s fake murder to frame Jakub. Erik, who lives with his alcoholic mother and yearns for a new life, accepted but claims they ultimately didn´t proceed with the plan. Yet, when detectives find the money at Erik’s home, he is arrested.

Jakub still dwells on the events and recalls their childhood secret bunker. He decides to revisit it and discovers Julia’s (thought to be Sabina) stabbed body there. Puzzled Jakub leaves the bunker to find Patrik standing by the bunker’s hatch. Patrik, who was once madly in love with Julia and was rejected by her. He had sought revenge and accidentally killed Sabina. A fierce fight ensues between the two men, resulting in the death of one of them.


RELEVANT DATA: “I, death” is a meticulously thought-out thriller with a detective plot. The story is told from the variety of angles of the different characters, in a True Detective. I, death has recently been published as an audiobook. The book garnered instant success among young readers and received many great reviews.

The author of nine books, Aleš Novotný is credited for a bestselling collection of short stories. Aleš Novotný focuses on young adult, thriller, and crime genres.

What the critics and readers have said:

“[…] If you want an interesting and touching detective story and a thriller in one, which is exciting and has a lot of emotions, then I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.” – Ctemeceskeautory

“It has everything that will please even a grown adult. A good story, a dense atmosphere, a good dose of suspense and an unexpected resolution.” – Jana Palkovská

“During the interrogations of the bunch of friends involved in the game, readers will be puzzled with, who the real perpetrator is. For suddenly all members of the group are suspect.” – Ctemeceskeautory


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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