Subgénero: Suspense

  • The Mice of God (Los ratones de Dios)

    Where there is cheese, there will always be mice.   In July 2011, the clergy of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the north of … Read more

  • Escape attempt

    A powerful story of complex human relationships underpinned by power, humiliation, dignity and sex Marcos’ routine, diligent and withdrawn student of Fine Arts, is interrupted by … Read more

  • The feeling of danger

    A motionless shadow projected on a wall in the middle of a forest. That’s what the film received by professor Martin Torres shows. The sender, young … Read more

  • The Nemesis Factor

    A billionaire, a corpse and a daffodil Isle of Naxos, Greece. In a hostel, the body of a man is found dead, hanging from the ceiling, … Read more

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