Etiqueta: 40s

  • The Lovers Under the Danube (Los amantes bajo el Banubio)

      Is there any motive more powerful than love or hate?       Budapest, 1944. The war and the Nazi occupation has brought absolute and utter chaos … Read more

  • Red Sun on Hiroshima

    John Smith Okada, American mestizo, is son of a pacifist American philologist and a Japanese woman who has separated from her father and now resides in … Read more

  • Verne Mission

    Captain Klaus Berg was mobilized after declaring World War II. Despite having a comfortable destination in Paris, Klaus misses his life as a professor of French … Read more

  • The Time Machine

    Year 1941. The Germans have invaded Greece while the Athenians strive to hide their most valuable treasures. An SS group arrives at the Acropolis with a … Read more

  • The Guilty Beast

    As a result of a reality show, a group of SEALS discover a man who is Hitler’s clone and is convinced of having been alive in … Read more

  • The family album

      THEMES: Post-War, Social Relation, Politics, Society, Family, 40s GENRE: Drama, Historical The play takes shape as a family album in which there are photos and past experiences. … Read more

  • Benedicat

    Written by Josep Lluís and Rodolf Sirera, Benedicat is set in two historical moments and in two different places: Croatia’s Kingdom in the 40's (then a puppet regime … Read more

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