Etiqueta: Adoption

  • It’s Weird that My Name Is Federico (Qué raro que me llame Federico)

    Two voices united in pain, those of a mother and her son.   Belén is an editor in Madrid who dreams of being a mother but, … Read more

  • Nobody´s Box (El cofre de nadie)

      An exciting journey to her roots.     Nadia is a cautious, introverted girl who is very content with her uneventful adolescence, and happy to … Read more

  • Neko café

    You don´t need 7 lives. You can find happiness in this one. Nagore is a woman about to turn forty whose life in London has been … Read more

  • Stillness – La quietud

    The international adoption of a child by a broken marriage. Héctor, an architect and university professor in his 40s, is living with Ann, one of his … Read more

  • Cayetana’s daughter (Film)

      The black duchess that nobody knew about.  A surprising and forgotten episode starring one of the most celebrated women of Spanish history: Cayetana de Alba, … Read more

  • The priest’s niece

    The story tells the life of Mónica, a young woman, and her uncle Don Sabino, a very unsociable priest which has a monotonous life. The two … Read more

  • Don Quintín, the bitter one

    Don Quintin, driven by jealousy, kicked out his daughter Teresa’s mother. Doubting about his paternity, he left the girl for adoption and lives now his life … Read more

  • Adoration

    A scream, a shot gun… Eulalia has killed her husband Isidoro after a violent argument. Rosendo, who is deeply in love with her, pleads guilty of … Read more

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