Etiqueta: Century XIX

  • The Vineyard (TV Series)

    Available on Amazon Prime Video  Only great stories inspire great emotions. Nothing made Mauro Larrea think that the fortune he had made in New Mexico after … Read more

  • Moss (Musgo) (Film)

    Man’s best friend will be the last to lose hope.   Moss is a dog who, not understanding why wars happen, has witnessed how his home … Read more

  • The Look of Absence (La mirada de la ausencia)

    What are you willing to do to accomplish your dream?   It’s the end of the 19th Century in Bilbao. Ines is a young 20-year-old woman … Read more

  • The Baroness of Wilson (Original project for TV Series) (La Baronesa de Wilson)

    The story of a brilliant imposter.   Emilia Serrano, a fake "baroness" by marriage and ahead of her time, was a powerful publishing and fashion businesswoman, … Read more

  • The Phantom of the British Invasion (El fantasma de las invasiones inglesas)

    The story of the British occupation told by the ghost of a young man of the time.   The ghost of Julián Expósito tells the story … Read more

  • Magnificent Disaster (An Original TV Series Project)

    A titanic and charismatic man… A titanic adventure to build the Panama Canal. The adventure of the Panama Canal, since its creator’s idea; the political and … Read more

  • Los del San Patricio – The Ones in Saint Patrick’s Batallion

    The story of the men whose morality made them move to the opponent side. The real story of John Riley and his colleagues, the irishmen who … Read more

  • The Last Days of Jaime Partagás (TV Series)

          The chronicles of the man who funded an empire out of cigars       This novel is developed around the mysterious death of … Read more

  • The Traveller’s Inn

    The king is in danger, and a humble family is behind it.     During the late 19th century, the catastrophe of the Cabo Machichaco in … Read more

  • Shooting Stars Falling

    The sky of Madrid is stained with blood red … The sky seems to collapse.   But this is only the first of a series of … Read more

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