Etiqueta: Domestic Abuse

  • Thursday Night Widows (TV Series)

    Paradise is about to explode. Altos de la Cascada is a high class residential area in the province of Buenos Aires, where rich families live and … Read more

  • Punky (Punki)

    A love that removes everything, but can't do everything   Álex and Paula —who goes by Polly, like the Nirvana song— are best friends since childhood, … Read more

  • Thermal Sensation (Sensación térmica)

    Some people fall into the trap with a smile on their faces.   Lucía is a young girl who takes advantage of a literature scholarship at CUNY … Read more

  • Human Sacrifices (Sacrificios humanos) (Film/TV series)

    True horror in real life.   Twelve stories make up María Fernanda Ampuero's masterful work: Human Sacrifices, where terror takes many forms and violence defines the … Read more

  • Cockfight (Pelea de gallos) (TV series)

    Life in its rawest form.   The stories that make up the book Cockfight are narrated by different voices within “the home”, the space that builds … Read more

  • Fake Live Broadcast

    When TV meets reality. Ernesto is invited to a blind dates reality TV show for young people, he is looking forward to finding a girlfriend. Surprisingly, … Read more

  • The Stolen Hours (Las horas robadas)

    Naïve love. Broken love. And a clandestine love which remains over time.   In the late 1970s, after Franco’s death, Spain was living a time of … Read more

  • The Sadness of the Samurai

     She was only a puppet in a complex and bloody conspiracy of power and revenge that has lasted for three generations… until now.  María Bengoechea is … Read more

  • Saga Allan Haddon: The Maya Prophecy

    When anthropologist Allan Haddon arrives in Madrid to give a conference about the pre-Columbian culture, the last thing he expects is to witness the robbery of … Read more

  • Without questions

    Eight different stories show the abuse of power and violence in very different environments. The protagonists of these stories are victims who are defenseless before those … Read more

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