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  • Saga Detective Malasuerte

      El detective que Tijuana necesita, pero que no quiere.  Tomás Peralta es un detective pelirrojo de voz aguardientosa. No es guapo como los personajes de … Read more

  • The Trafficker

    Weapons, spies and secret missions in luxurious Marbella. Monzer Al Kassar, known as “the Prince of Marbella”, is one of the biggest international arms dealers and … Read more

  • The Cornelia Weber-Tejedor Saga

    The thrilling cases of the German-Spanish police inspector shake the quiet city of Frankfurt.   Cornelia Weber-Tejedor is half German and half Spanish. She is an … Read more

  • Cornelia Weber-Tejedor Saga III: Free Falling (En caída libre)

      Into the corrupt heart of the biggest airport in Europe.   After an accident in the Frankfurt airport in which a cleaning lady dies when … Read more

  • A Willie Cuesta Mystery II: On Hallowed Ground

    Money does not imply happiness. Miami-based private eye Willie Cuesta is feeling good. It’s a clear, crisp January day, and he has a new client. She … Read more

  • La Nación

    If getting in is difficult but even more difficult it is to An original TV Series by Pavel Giroud & Daniel Corpas Hanse     Elio is a Venezuelan immigrant … Read more

  • Niños de tiza

    Roberto Esteban goes back to the neighbourhood where he spent his childhood and his memories are activated: street games, lost friends, coloured chicks, the urban legend … Read more

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