Etiqueta: Dystopia

  • Las indignas

  • The Messenger of the Forest (La mensajera del bosque)

    Death lurks the streets and nature has taken over.   Cris Stoian awakens in a room surrounded by nature. She is unsure of how she got … Read more

  • The Conqueror (El conquistador)

    What would have happened if the Aztecs had reached Europe first?    Quetza, a young Aztec, was raised by a powerful priest adviser to the king. He grows to be a healthy, strong and brilliant young man… … Read more

  • The Silence Has Arrived (Ahora llega el silencio)

    Two options left: to give up or to fight. Astrea never gives up. Overnight, people over 22 years old die for no apparent reason. This tragic … Read more

  • Disconnected – Original Project

    A Science Fiction romance. Paula and Gaston are a couple on “Online”, the leading virtual reality platform, that uses the data of all users to create … Read more

  • American Delirium

      The destruction of utopia.   In a small Midwestern city, the deer population starts attacking people. So Beryl, a feisty senior and ex-hippie with a … Read more

  • Tender Is the Flesh (TV Series)

    A solid and chilling future in which cannibalism is legal.   The sudden appearance of a lethal virus that affects animals ends up irrevocably modifying the … Read more

  • The Reef

    Danger is the best aphrodisiac.  Climate change empties hotels and money laundering regenerates them as phantom emporiums. At the time of extreme tourism, travelers need other … Read more

  • Edipo Torero

    In 2030, Spain is in a political atmosphere in which the animal rights activism has been incorporated into the penal code. As a consequence, Jacinto, also … Read more

  • The Author of “Las meninas”

     Revolution is pounding at the gates! There is no money for pensions, expired food is sold in the supermarkets, free medical assistance is over, and even … Read more

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