Etiqueta: Eccentric Family

  • Pepita

    A surrealist comedy about dignity. In a bucolic and parched town called Riocochino, devastated by the closure of the mine, a handful of souls survive under … Read more

  • Rest in peace

    We all dream of a unique life, exotic, flamboyant… Marry a Romanian seer, have a foolish son, inherit a funeral home from your great uncle, move … Read more

  • Don Juan’s insanity

    Don Juan's insanity is the story of a man, head of a family, who decides to pretend insanity in order to put a stop to his family’s … Read more

  • The insignificant one

    This is the story of three brothers. While the two older ones are spending the family’s fortune in the city, the younger one, hunched and uncouth, … Read more

  • Mum Steals Our Boyfriends (TV Series)

    Mrs. Robinson is back and this time she's staying This familiar comedy introduces us into the day-to-day life of a peculiar family. Amadora is a widow, … Read more

  • Maribel and the strange family

    Maribel is a prostitute who meets Marcelino, a young naive man who is looking for a girl to marry so he can overcome a tragic event … Read more

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