Etiqueta: Emancipation

  • Fresh Mint with Lemon

    During a sultry month on the Mediterranean coast, tension mounts in a triangle of love, power and desire between a Russian art critic, an American artist, and … Read more

  • Nobody Told Me (Nadie me contó)

    And they lived happily ever after? Nobody Told Me (Nadie me contó) could be have been the story of a fulfilled dream, instead it is the … Read more

  • Ten Different Ways of Being Laura (Diez maneras diferentes de ser Laura)

    The secret universes of Laura. Laura is an introverted girl in her early 20’s who hasn’t realized what a big creative talent she has and is … Read more

  • The Miller Woman of Arcos

    This dramedia is about the abuse of power, about the Church as an institution, the government, the military and the emancipation of women. During a wedding, … Read more

  • Sublime decision!

    The battle of the sexes through a public window Florita is a housewife in the late nineteenth-century Spain. One day she decides to emancipate and try … Read more

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