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  • Si el amor te dijo que “no”, pregúntale otra vez

  • Magic for Humans with el Mago Pop (TV Series)

    Disponible en Netflix  You won’t believe your eyes!   People of all ages are amazed in the streets of Barcelona with magic tricks that inspire illusion … Read more

  • The Merchant of Death (El mercader de la muerte)

    The luxurious story of the assistant to the leading weapon trafficker in 20th century Europe.      Monaco, 1930s. Spanish journalist José Ortega travels to Montecarlo … Read more

  • The Conqueror (El conquistador)

    What would have happened if the Aztecs had reached Europe first?    Quetza, a young Aztec, was raised by a powerful priest adviser to the king. He grows to be a healthy, strong and brilliant young man… … Read more

  • El secreto de los flamencos (The Secret of the Flemish)

    Two opposite artistic movements will fight at any cost to play a leading role in the world. The Renaissance is undoubtedly a time of artistic brightness. … Read more

  • Magnificent Disaster (An Original TV Series Project)

    A titanic and charismatic man… A titanic adventure to build the Panama Canal. The adventure of the Panama Canal, since its creator’s idea; the political and … Read more

  • Rey Negro (Black King)

    The indigent king. Rey negro (Black King) is based on a true story that took place in 1995: the exile of King Kigali V of Rwanda … Read more

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