Etiqueta: Generational gap

  • Si el amor te dijo que “no”, pregúntale otra vez

  • Thermal Sensation (Sensación térmica)

    Some people fall into the trap with a smile on their faces.   Lucía is a young girl who takes advantage of a literature scholarship at CUNY … Read more

  • Middle-aged quinceañera (Film)

    It’s never too late to make your dreams come true. Cecilia Ortega is 40 years old and has one dream: her daughter Cece must have the … Read more

  • The Stolen Hours (Las horas robadas)

    Naïve love. Broken love. And a clandestine love which remains over time.   In the late 1970s, after Franco’s death, Spain was living a time of … Read more

  • Spanish Texas

    J., a Spanish detective, and a drunk and a complete loser, combination of Pepe Carballo and Torrente, investigates the death in strange circumstances of a woman … Read more

  • A bust for everybody

    The play tells the story of three women from different generations with a conflict: their bodies have unexpectedly become problematic. The play addresses the possibility of … Read more

  • Mister Truthful

    The life of the main character, an old man with an impeccable reputation and known for being a good person, is altered when he falls in … Read more

  • Angela Maria

    The young Angela is living in a boarding school and when she turns eighteen years old, she decides to escape to celebrate Christmas with Gonzalo, a … Read more

  • Twenty years only

    Pepe and Faustina are an old married couple that are close to the end of their lives. One day the Devil appears before them and offers … Read more

  • The man of dusk

    The play opposes the decline of the middle-aged and the splendor of youth. Amelia, Ernesto and Julia belong to the first group. The first two are cynical and conscious … Read more

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