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  • Malas decisiones (Podcast)

      Está en búsqueda y captura… ahora tiene que averiguar por qué. Miranda tiene 25 años y no tiene aspiraciones. Es amable, sociable y simpática, pero … Read more

  • Saga Detective Malasuerte

      El detective que Tijuana necesita, pero que no quiere.  Tomás Peralta es un detective pelirrojo de voz aguardientosa. No es guapo como los personajes de … Read more

  • Melodrama

      En el amor y la pobreza, todo se vale. Vidal, un apuesto joven, se traslada de su Colombia natal a París con un maquiavélico plan: … Read more

  • A bunch of friends and a couple of cherries (Un puñado de amigos y dos cerezas)

    A weekend full of surprises which will change everyone’s life.   Cristina has two recurring nightmares: in one of them, the protagonist is her high school … Read more

  • … And one day Nico left (… Y un día Nico se fue)

    … And one day everything was lost.    Nico and Osvaldo had lived through practically everything together: from Nico´s experience when coming out to the death of family members and so on… However, … Read more

  • Spring for Madrid (Primavera para Madrid)

    A story of self-interests and corruption that proves that for every saint there is an infinite legion of demons.    The collapse of the oligarchic elite … Read more

  • You Seek Love, I Seek Reception (Tú buscas amor y yo cobertura)

    The exciting love life of an actor via his cellphone.   Nen is a cellphone owned by Capo. They travel to Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Beverly … Read more

  • El cocinero – The Cook (An original TV series project)

    The culinary genius who won your heart through the senses. Young Alvar’s surprising ability to memorize (due to his hypermnesia) contrasts with his naïve perception of … Read more

  • Gorgonzola

    An alien belonging to a fierce race of space invaders is captured by an 11-year-old boy who puts him in his mouse cage.   A tiny … Read more

  • Jota, Caballo y Rey

    A political satire about power, vanity, corruption… and a horse. Set in the Latin American dictatorship landscape of the 50s belonging to tropical tyrants that were … Read more

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