Etiqueta: Life in the Province

  • Punky (Punki)

    A love that removes everything, but can't do everything   Álex and Paula —who goes by Polly, like the Nirvana song— are best friends since childhood, … Read more

  • The last night at Tremore Beach (La última noche en Tremore Beach) (TV Series)

     Everything seems perfect… Until the night of the great storm.   Peter Harper is a prestigious soundtracks composer who, after a traumatic divorce, moves to a … Read more

  • Chon Recalde’s wedding

    The Recalde’s sisters, daughters of a ship captain who was executed by firearm because of confronting General Franco, are back home in Villareal de la Mar. … Read more

  • The insignificant one

    This is the story of three brothers. While the two older ones are spending the family’s fortune in the city, the younger one, hunched and uncouth, … Read more

  • The sin of being pretty

    Isabel de Reinoso, elegant woman, educated, rich and sensitive, reaches the provincial town of Villaleona, dazzling men and generating envy among women. Because of this, hostility … Read more

  • Miss Trevelez

    Miss Trévelez tells the story that happens in a provincial capital, where a group of jokers form the Guasa Club, dedicated to play pranks and have … Read more

  • The Caciques

    The major of Villalgancio will be up for anything to keep his position In the small town of Villalgancio, the corrupt politician Acilso Arrambla is a mayor … Read more

  • Independent candidate

    Elections are right around the corner. In a certain village, a deputy cannot be reelected to his position so he recommends his brother-in-law and entrusts the … Read more

  • Sabela of Cambados

    Summer break is over and Eduardo, son of the Marquis of Soñeiro, goes back to Santiago de Compostela to resume his studies. Back in his family … Read more

  • Three top hats

    The action takes place in an outskirts hotel, during the night spent there by Dionisio, the main character. He is there waiting: he gets married the next … Read more

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