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  • Saga Sluts (TV Series)

    Available on ATRESPlayer  Sluts | Baddies | Free Are you ready to join the Slut´s Club?   Alicia has decided to leave behind her mundane, humdrum … Read more

  • La banda de Arruti

    La banda criminal más excéntrica de España. Arruti es un narcotraficante, Urrutxurt es un policía municipal con un largo historial de acosos y amenazas, Delgado es … Read more

  • Amor a cuatro estaciones

    ¿Qué haces cuando lo que más te lastima, también te ayuda a vivir?   Christopher es un chico que compagina su vida de estudiante de letras … Read more

  • Punky (Punki)

    A love that removes everything, but can't do everything   Álex and Paula —who goes by Polly, like the Nirvana song— are best friends since childhood, … Read more

  • Al final siempre ganan los monstruos (In the end, monsters always win)

    The misfits, the weird ones, and the ones who went astray.      This is the story of Juanillo, “The Cockroach”, Lolo, Jony, Vanessa, and a … Read more

  • A bunch of friends and a couple of cherries (Un puñado de amigos y dos cerezas)

    A weekend full of surprises which will change everyone’s life.   Cristina has two recurring nightmares: in one of them, the protagonist is her high school … Read more

  • Mafia of three Saga (Serie TV)

    Police can’t divide what anise has united. | Zorrumpia can’t mess up what the German has united| Gonorrhea can’t divide what the Mafia has united| The … Read more

  • Sobre la marcha

    The rules are there to be broken. And he broke them all.   Javier is one of the members of the García-Pelayo clan, a family saga … Read more

  • Dyke (Bollo)

    Raw, ironic, direct and full of humor.     Nat is a waitress at Queers, a famous bar in Chueca, Madrid. After several years in an … Read more

  • I Loved You and You Screwed Me Over (Te amaba y me chingaste) (TV Series / Film)

    A 19th century soap opera in the 21st century.     Between tacos with lots of salsa, alcohol, and songs by José José and Juan Gabriel, … Read more

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