Etiqueta: Reconciliation

  • The Black Sheep (La oveja negra)

    “A high price to pay to be yourself”       Hermógenes, born into a family of renowned doctors, decides not to study medicine as the … Read more

  • Before Saga (Saga Antes de)

    Before you say goodbye – Tell me you'll dance with me | Before you decide to leave me | Tell me you'll marry me  | Before … Read more

  • Don’t Invite Me to Your Wedding (No me invites a tu boda)

    Invited to the love of his life's wedding.       A young musician is on his way to a wedding… but it´s not just any wedding. He has … Read more

  • Happy to help (Film)

    What would your children do without your parents? Madrid, 21st Century. Lourdes and Carlos are a young couple who have everything they need: adorable kids, a … Read more

  • Let’s live today

    In a medical checkup, a middle-aged woman is diagnosed with a brain tumor and only two months to live. Her husband, who had been distanced for … Read more

  • Always in autumn

    Alejandra, Constantina and Elena are three sisters that, reaching maturity, meet again years after being apart in their parents’ summer house, once their lives have turned around … Read more

  • Nearby music

    Arriving to the old age, Alfredo, a widower and an important financer who is interested in the weaponry industry, wants to mend the mistakes of his … Read more

  • The awaited sign

    In a rural house, Enrique and his wife, Susana, spend the summer. On this occasion, accompanied by two interesting guests: Luis, an old boyfriend of Susana, … Read more

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