Etiqueta: Seduction

  • 29 Bullets and a Love Note (29 balas y una nota de amor)

    The high-profile crime that was all over the news and that opened a profound gash in Barcelona’s police forces.   The police find a suspicious carbonized … Read more

  • Escape attempt

    A powerful story of complex human relationships underpinned by power, humiliation, dignity and sex Marcos’ routine, diligent and withdrawn student of Fine Arts, is interrupted by … Read more

  • And now what?

    The main character is a solvent middle-aged man who loves women, nice cars and parties. One day, he meets a fascinating woman that will change his … Read more

  • No turning back from this girl

    A TV announcer that has always been a womanizer suddenly realizes that everything is starting to go downhill towards old age. Leticia, Carolina and Lucrecia, three of his former lovers, … Read more

  • Violins and trumpets

    This play, very important during the Spanish Transition, tells the life, day by day, of three chamber musicians who have not only the same profession but … Read more

  • Fright

    Irene had a lover but he abandoned her to become a priest. She married another man who did not take care of her to become a politician … Read more

  • Brujas – Witches (Film)

    Old friendships, new betrayals.  Five old Friends from a boarding school reunite fifteen years after their graduation. Now, they are beautiful thirty-years-old women with good social … Read more

  • It’s better in October

    Carlos is an irresistible Don Juan, who has already reached maturity. He has just done his greatest feat: Taking a woman – Ana, his friend Alberto’s … Read more

  • Tuxedo (part 1 & 2)

    Arturo is a mature, gallant man capable of winning the heart of up to four women at the same time. Married to Laura, he has no … Read more

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