Etiqueta: Separation

  • The man of dusk

    The play opposes the decline of the middle-aged and the splendor of youth. Amelia, Ernesto and Julia belong to the first group. The first two are cynical and conscious … Read more

  • Always in autumn

    Alejandra, Constantina and Elena are three sisters that, reaching maturity, meet again years after being apart in their parents’ summer house, once their lives have turned around … Read more

  • Save the dolphins

    A divorced couple meets after seven years split at their daughter’s wedding. She has built a new life with another man. The play develops the misunderstandings … Read more

  • Let’s live today

    In a medical checkup, a middle-aged woman is diagnosed with a brain tumor and only two months to live. Her husband, who had been distanced for … Read more

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