Etiqueta: Sex War

  • The Storm Chronicle | Testosterone (Film)

    Double or nothing. Overnight, just like important things in life usually happen, Antonio, the director of a very influential newspaper, must decide, quickly, which one of … Read more

  • The comedy of Carla and Luisa

    Carla and Luisa are two professional independent women who theoretically have the same opportunities as men. However, the male characters try their best to limit their … Read more

  • Sublime decision!

    The battle of the sexes through a public window Florita is a housewife in the late nineteenth-century Spain. One day she decides to emancipate and try … Read more

  • The weaker sex has gone to the gym

    This story, with sense of humor, recounts the integration of women into civil society, first, in the first half of the 19th century, then, in the … Read more

  • When Eve´s children are not Adam´s

    The action takes place in Carlos Werner´s house, a glorious Jewish composer that lives in Switzerland. The composer is surrounded by Esther, the mother of his … Read more

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