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  • Thursday Night Widows (TV Series)

    Paradise is about to explode. Altos de la Cascada is a high class residential area in the province of Buenos Aires, where rich families live and … Read more

  • The hidden life of Fidel Castro (La vida oculta de Fidel Castro) (FILM)

    THE HIDDEN LIFE OF FIDEL CASTRO Juan Reinaldo Sánchez y Axel Gyldén   His bodyguard uncovers all the secrets of the Cuban leader   Fidel Castro … Read more

  • Melodrama

      En el amor y la pobreza, todo se vale. Vidal, un apuesto joven, se traslada de su Colombia natal a París con un maquiavélico plan: … Read more

  • The fabulous story of the Pelayos (La fabulosa historia de los Pelayo)

    Only one family could mock the casinos all around the world and become millionaires.   Spain, 1990s. The Pelayos are about to make history by being … Read more

  • The Elites’ Game (El juego de las élites)

    The Elites’ Game | The Elites’ Sentence | The Elites’ Birth What’s the price you’re willing to pay  to be part of the elite?   Bernardo … Read more

  • A Guy With a Bag Over His Head (Un tío con una bolsa en la cabeza)

    A corrupt mayor close to death. The oxygen dwindles as the minutes pass.     “I would have bet any of my deaths that the one … Read more

  • The Baroness of Wilson (Original project for TV Series) (La Baronesa de Wilson)

    The story of a brilliant imposter.   Emilia Serrano, a fake "baroness" by marriage and ahead of her time, was a powerful publishing and fashion businesswoman, … Read more

  • The Curses (Las maldiciones) – Film/TV Series

    The dramatic consequences of political power.   Román Sabaté is a young 30-year-old man who arrives in Buenos Aires along with his flatmate, Sebastián Petit. Sebastián aspires to fulfill his dream of being part of the political party PRAGMA, led by Fernando Rovira. However, it is Román who ultimately accepts the vacant position, and even ends up becoming Rovira's private secretary.  There is a big obstacle in Fernando Rovira’s political career: the Alsina curse, which proclaims that no governor from Buenos Aires will ever get to be president, at least not through the popular vote.    To avoid the curse and become President, Fernando Rovira plans a controversial political strategy that will be of great impact in the media. He wants to create a divide in … Read more

  • Candidate (Candidato) (Film)

    The boundless ambition of a young politician. 30-year-old Simón Soria is a professor of politics who is a very talented liberal intellectual tired of his career … Read more

  • The Tiger and the Duchess

    A policewoman. A criminal. A twenty-million-euro booty. A moral dilemma. Inspector Elsa Giralt is going through a dark moment. She went from being the top in … Read more

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