Etiqueta: Social relationships

  • Cómo perderlo todo

      Todos estamos conectados por el amor y sus miserias. El primero de enero de 2016, el anciano profesor de filosofía, Horacio Pizarro, comete el error … Read more

  • Getting to know each other again (Volver a conocernos)

    About what we gain while we’re losing it all.   Hugo, a seven-year-old boy, is going through the worst moment of his life: his parents —whose … Read more

  • Ulises 2300

    Does being good at something make you passionate about it?     In the 1980s, Salomón "Crazy Horse" Narváez, a university professor and a chess lover, … Read more

  • Unmask (Sin máscara)

    The honesty of a love that breaks the mold.   Roberto is a sixteen-year-old boy who began his career as a violinist at the age of … Read more

  • The Psychodrome (El psicódromo)

    He lost everything he had, including his identity, only to find it again on the street.     Eliseo Fainzilber is a retired psychoanalyst who becomes … Read more

  • The Karen Nieto Saga (TV Series)

    "Don't you ever let anyone tell you that you're inferior. You are not. You're simply different." Karen Nieto is a wild 12-year-old girl, without language, and … Read more

  • Open Relationship (An Original TV Series Project)

    Honey, I think it’s time to meet other people. Our grandparents would have never thought about having sexual encounters outside the marriage as a common habit. … Read more

  • The Multicosmos Saga

    Pixelated virtual adventures | Trapped with no Wi-Fi | The drones rebellion| Mess in the time-space Have you ever been so hooked by a videogame that … Read more

  • The Ikigai Method

    The worldwide phenomenon that brings us closer to the secrets of a healthy and happy life. According to the Japansese, everybody has an ikigai, a reason … Read more

  • Beats (An Original TV Series Project)

    Today, fame seems to be achieved only through one way: popularity in social media. In the Beats Academy of Performing Arts, the students know it. The … Read more

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