Etiqueta: Solidarity

  • The fighters (Las luchadoras) (Original project)

     Together, they’ll make justice, whatever it takes.   Daniel Moreno, a young waiter from the Canary Islands, finishes his shift at a hotel in Fuerteventura and … Read more

  • The Bergerac Syndrome (El síndrome de Bergerac)

    A heroic adventure. A tremendous outpouring of talent and energy.   “I was an average girl no different from the others. I went to school, I … Read more

  • The Winter We Took Matters into our Hands

    A chain of solidarity that changed the life of a town. Winter arrives in Porvenir, a town surrounded by mountains that remained the same for many … Read more

  • Nothing, Nobody (TV Series)

    The voices of the Mexico City Earthquake. After the Mexico City earthquakes of September 19th and 20th, 1985, nothing and nobody would ever be the same … Read more

  • American Delirium

      The destruction of utopia.   In a small Midwestern city, the deer population starts attacking people. So Beryl, a feisty senior and ex-hippie with a … Read more

  • Pakita (Stimulating, bitter and necessary)

    Pakita is the play´s main character. She is abandoned by her husband. The woman suffers this separation since she is madly in love with the man. … Read more

  • The prodigal woman

    Julia, a beautiful widow of libertine life that squanders her fortune, reconsiders and decides to use her time and money in helping others and the needy. … Read more

  • The arrival of the barbarians

    A security guard finds a man sitting on a bench on the street. The guard must prevent anyone from sitting there, but the man who is … Read more

  • At the enemy´s mercy

    The story narrates the fortuitous encounter between two men: Checa, a Russian man living in Spain for a long time, and Mustafa, an illegal newcomer. Their … Read more

  • Pin pricks

    Remigio and his young wife have to emigrate from their country due to poverty. In the destination country, after great calamities and the loss of their … Read more

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