Etiqueta: Tolerance

  • Piece by Piece (Film) (Pieza a pieza)

    The story of a boy who built himself.   “Diversity is in the very nature of being human. We are all different and we need to … Read more

  • My Pachunga Uncle (Mi tio pachunga)

    Obsessed with beautifying the world. Eva fondly remembers the summer that changed her life: when she met her favorite person, the incomparable and sparkling Uncle Nino. … Read more

  • Nobody´s Box (El cofre de nadie)

      An exciting journey to her roots.     Nadia is a cautious, introverted girl who is very content with her uneventful adolescence, and happy to … Read more

  • The Four M´s Club (El club de las cuatro emes)

    Four entertaining little detectives.   Madame Golosín (Candy), the evil owner of the neighborhood knick-knack store, seems to hate both her job and children. She always … Read more

  • The Miss Bubble Saga (Saga La señorita Bubble)

    The First Adventure | Adventure Below Zero She uses her ingenuity to spread happiness around the world.   Miss Bubble is an extravagant inventor who always … Read more

  • Nothing Less Than Max (Nada menos que Max)

    Love is love. And it hurts.   Clara is 26 and has the world at her feet. She lives in Madrid and seems to have it … Read more

  • The Bergerac Syndrome (El síndrome de Bergerac)

    A heroic adventure. A tremendous outpouring of talent and energy.   “I was an average girl no different from the others. I went to school, I … Read more

  • A Kiss in Your Future (Un beso en tu futuro)

    Love will always be more complicated than it seems.     Nancy is a freshman in highschool and puberty has hit her like a ton of … Read more

  • Ghetto Brother

    GANGS OF NEW YORK meets WARRIOR. Ghetto Brother tells the true story of Benjy Melendez, a Bronx legend, son of Puerto-Rican immigrants, who founded the notorious, multiracial gang, the Ghetto … Read more

  • The Fantasyburg Saga

    The Mystery of the Fluorescent Unicorns | The Mystery of the Know-it-all Sphynx El enigma de los unicornios fluorescentes | El enigma de la esfinge sabelotodo … Read more

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