Etiqueta: Totalitarian regime

  • A Sensitive Subject (Un asunto sensible) (TV Series)

    Three Cuban stories of crime and betrayal. The emotionally thrilling true crime story and its trial that struck the Cuban society and negatively shifted their opinion … Read more

  • Tailored

    In Madrid, in the middle of the dictatorship, there is a tailor shop run by Tito López where he himself takes measurements of the shoulders, arms, and … Read more

  • Slaughterhouse 36/39

    Slaughterhouse 36/39 tells of the terrible situations that millions of citizens, especially women, were subjected to during the Spanish Civil War. This work is composed of … Read more

  • The detonation

    Mariano José de Larra, one of the writers of Spanish Romanticism, commits suicide after being abandoned by his lover, Dolores Armijo. The action takes place in … Read more

  • The cave

    A young man from a bourgeois family accepts joining a revolutionary group attempting to rid Spain from the absolute power of Ferdinand VII. He is part … Read more

  • Having to leave you

    The play dramatizes two epic moments in the history of the city of Alicante: one during the 19th century (after the victory of Ferdinand VII’s absolutism … Read more

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