Etiqueta: Vigilantes

  • Elena Knows (Film)

      Elena knows her daughter didn´t commit suicide… Elena knows she was murdered.   Elena knows her daughter Rita did not commit suicide… she knows that she … Read more

  • El mar descortés

      El amor, la familia y el mar.     Clara, una joven de 20 años, acaba de perder a su madre, se siente perdida y … Read more

  • The Arrow Collector Saga (Saga El coleccionista de flechas)

    The Arrow Collector / The Glacier Crimes Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest option.   In The Arrow Collector, the peace of a remote … Read more

  • Terra Alta (TV Series)

    He was a fair man; the world wasn’t though.   A terrible crime has shaken up the peaceful region of Terra Alta: the owners of its … Read more

  • Pérák

    Czech Republic’s first superheroe. Myth or truth?   Perak had springs on his legs with which he could even jump streets. With supernatural abilities he became … Read more

  • Banana Street

    Heroine or assassin?   Isabel Tierra Frias is a twenty-five-year-old Mexican woman who learned to survive with her family in the slums and to deal with … Read more

  • Miss Fifty

    A social, urban, and fun superheroine.     Marta Ferrer is a 54-year-old married mother who works at the Barcelona Tax Office. In her fight against … Read more

  • The Candidate: A Political Thriller (El candidato: Un thriller político)

    Guilt outsells innocence.   Lázaro Arnau, one of the most respected businessmen in Castellón, Spain decides to run for national elections. He leads Green Sprouts, a … Read more

  • Morgan Papers: Confessions of an Unfaithful Employee (Morgan Papers: Confesiones de un empleado infiel)

    The first major case of evasion and money laundering in Argentina is uncovered.   Hernán Arbizu, a senior executive of JP Morgan bank, commits a huge … Read more

  • The Entrevientos Heist (Los ladrones de Entrevientos) (TV Series / Film)

    She worked for them for years. Now she's going to strip them of everything they´ve got.   Noelia Vlader is determined to return to Entrevientos, a … Read more

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